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11 Reasons You Should Wear a Bow Tie to Your Wedding

11 Reasons You Should Wear a Bow Tie to Your Wedding

When it comes to wedding attire, so often the groom defaults to a necktie and it can be hard to help him stand out from the other guests. A Bow Tie not only helps the groom stand out, but can also make a statement about his personality, tie into the wedding theme and be an accessory that brings back memories in years to come. Can you wear a bow tie to a wedding? 

We’re here to tell you why it’s a GREAT idea. 

Should the groom wear a Bow Tie or Tie to the wedding? 

A Bow Tie is great for an event where you need to take things up a level. Bow Ties are unique, stylish and perfect for any wedding theme. Plus, they are effortlessly cool and becoming a really popular choice to help the wedding party stand out. 

In this blog post, we give you 11 reasons why you should choose a bow tie for your big day!


1.  Bow Ties make a statement

Not many men wear Bow Ties, so you will definitely stand out from the rest of the guests. We love that quote from Rick Kaplan that says “wearing a bow tie is a statement, almost an act of defiance.” It’s bold and unique and will set this day out from every other day. So, why not choose a unique Bow Tie in your family tartan or in a limited run fabric and add that perfect finishing touch to your outfit? 


2.  Bow Ties give the groom a memento of the wedding day

You want your day to be memorable and special. For the bride, it’s easy. There are plenty of treasures for her to keep. The shoes, a garter, something borrowed, something blue, the rings, the hair pieces. These are all great sentimental items that will help preserve the day for the bride. 

But for the groom, there are fewer mementos. A Bow Tie, however, can be the perfect small keepsake of that big day. We love the thought that something we handmade for you may be treasured and handed down.

How you style your day says so much about you individually, as a couple and your love. It will be in the little details that they talk about for years to come, the laughter-filled moments with friends, the unexpected moments & the carefully chosen pieces from day that become treasured memories & heirlooms.


3.  Bow Ties are an accessory that will tie into the wedding colour scheme (pun absolutely intended)

Bow Ties can come in a wide variety of colours and patterns. This means that you can easily find one that matches your wedding colour scheme or even bridesmaid dresses. Or why not go for a unique custom Bow Tie, made to match your fabric choice and theme? We love to work closely with couples to make sure the perfect choice of print, colour and fabric is settled on

We often have couples come to visit us in our workshop with their fabric and theme in mind to select Bow Tie, Ties, Pocket Squares and matching Cufflinks for their wedding party. Get in touch if you’d like to visit is or have something custom made.


 4.  Choose a fabric that says something about you

Why not have us make a custom Bow Tie that is made from a family tartan and represents where you’re from? What about an Ulster Tartan, or Irish Linen from a local Northern Irish mill? Or go for a bold print that showcases your personality and style. Choose silk or even velvet for a sophisticated finishing touch, or tweed for some rustic charm. 


 5.  Bow Ties are perfect groomsmen gifts

Small, pocketable and can be personalised. Bow Ties are the perfect groomsmen gifts as well. Why not choose a favourite colour or just a pattern that reflects their personality? At the Belfast Bow Company, we’ve worked with clients who’ve asked us to create unique matching Bow Ties and Ties for family members. We even had an order of a Tie for a Granda and a matching Bow Tie for the grandson, too cute!


      Wedding party with linked arms walking in a field. Unique bow ties for the groom and groomsmen, made by the Belfast Bow Company. 

       Georgia + Dan’s New Zealand Wedding  📸 Image Credit Yvonne Liew   Photography


6.  A Bow Tie will help you stand out from the guests

Your guests are likely to be wearing long ties. A Bow Tie will help set the groom apart on the big day and put you front and centre of the photo too! A well-chosen fabric & coordinating colour or pattern will stand out, reflect the personality of the groom & look fantastic for years to come! Why not style your family in matching Ties, while the groom and the groomsmen wear Bow Ties?


7.  Bow Ties are incredibly versatile

Bow Ties look great with any suit. You could be in full Highland dress, a tux or just wearing a waistcoat and a Bow Tie will look good with all of them.


8.  Bow Ties are just a tad more formal

When you are at a special event, a Bow Tie demonstrates you’ve gone just that little bit further to make an effort. Bow Ties are on a different level to just an ordinary long tie. 


9.  Bow Ties never go out of style

Bow Ties are a unique accessory that always looks chic and elegant. Whether you're having a traditional or modern wedding, a Bow Tie will always be in fashion. As Matt Smith said in Doctor Who “Bow Ties are cool”. Choose a custom design or unique Bow Tie fabric that will make your wedding memorable.


10.  Bow Ties are definitely a hit in 2022

We would say that Bow Ties are always in fashion, but with the return of the awards shows post-lockdown, Bow Ties were back on the red carpe being donned by celebrities and influencers.


         Groom, Joey wears a yellow floral fabric custom bow tie, yellow and blue buttonhole and a tweed waistcoat. Bow tie made by the Belfast Bow Company.

         Joey & Jenessa's Wedding. Groom wears a specially choosen fabric from Liberty of London to match the theme of their wedding


11. Bow Ties suit multiple settings

If you are in an upmarket wedding venue or having a forest ceremony, your choice of Bow Tie can fit in perfectly. Even if you’re wearing a shirt with rolled-up sleeves, suspenders and trainers, a Bow Tie, can just add that touch of formality that says, yes we are relaxed, but it’s still a wedding. They are also the perfect accessory for outdoor summer settings, formal country manor houses or dreamy destination weddings.


We hope we’ve convinced you to consider a Bow Tie. If you have, then you now have some other decisions to make!


Which Bow Tie should you choose? 

Do you want to go for a self-tie? You get so much more character and personality into the style of your knot. Plus, you get to hang it around your neck at the end of the night - very cool! If you practice beforehand you’ll definitely be able to master it on the big day.

Pre-tied Bow Ties just require you to fix the band around your neck. Totally fuss-free and you know you have a perfect knot every time.


      Groom standing at the alter wearing a boho blooms bowtie and a teal tweed suit. Bow tie made by Belfast Bow Company, Northern Ireland.

      Haley & Richie's Wedding Day. Groom wears Boho Blooms in Dark Green.


There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It is ultimately up to the groom to decide what look he is going for on his big day. If you want your Bow Tie and Pocket Square to match, then you can easily find sets that come in matching colours and patterns. 

However, if you prefer a more eclectic look, then you can mix and match different colours and patterns. We absolutely love to see the combinations that are couples come up with. The important thing is that you choose an overall look that you are happy with!


Can you wear a Bow Tie with a normal shirt?

Yes! Bow Ties work with any collared shirt. The tips of the collar will be behind the Bow Tie, but we recommend avoiding a button-down collar.


         Groom wearing a burgundy tweed suit with a bow tie. Forbidden Fruits Bow Tie Set from Belfast Bow Company      

        📸 The Backyard Photography Company | Featuring our Forbidden Fruits Bow Tie Set


If you are still wondering if you can wear a Bow Tie to a wedding, visit our Instagram or Facebook page where you can browse images from some stunning weddings where the groom has worn Belfast Bow Company Bow Ties. 


We hope that this blog post has given you some reasons to consider wearing a Bow Tie to your wedding. 



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